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Ace Combat fans that play Gunship III
« on: May 14, 2020, 12:22:44 PM »
Are there any Ace Combat fans that have played a combat flight sim for mobile with decent realism called Gunship III (set in the Vietnam War) for iOS, Mac, Android, Kindle? The makers of that also recently released a WW2 flight sim in "open" beta form for iOS only called "Wings of Duty". Both Gunship III and Wings of Duty have cockpits, with working instruments. However, the fan base may be smaller than Ace Combat, but still decently active. These are the only combat flight sims with online multiplayer that I can play as of now.

I'm curious if Ace Combat fans here know of Gunship III (or Wings of Duty), because I have a few friends there that are fans of Ace Combat. And one of my best friends from those games plays Wings of Duty (his username is "Demonlord").

I have also played War Thunder, but only in the Apple Store (don't like to play on my current PC), waiting for the mobile version to come out, and back then, a Korean War flight sim called "MiG Alley", and used to have an attack helicopter flight sim called "Enemy Engaged: Apache vs Havoc", on an old PC.

Any Updates???
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