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Terror Occupation
« on: January 13, 2020, 06:32:50 AM »
Small-scale version of Tactical Invasion--- HOPEFULLY I can manage this one.

EQUIPMENT ERA: 1930-2010 (excluding F-22, B-2, and B-1). Please limit to mixes of two nationalities of equipment at maximum.

With terrorists attacks taking place in a small country somewhere at sometime in at someplace, surrounding countries have decided that it's a good idea to make sure that the terrorists are suppressed. Known as the ESIT (Esotopian Scandal Idealistic Terrorists), or E-site, terrorist forces have taken over a country known as Esotopia. While the Esotopia's citizens are still able to live their daily lives, the urban areas and industrial areas are plagued with near daily attacks.

Current estimates of ESIT forces see over 46,000 men with Esotopian aircraft, equipment, and armor in possession of their masses. The Esotopian government requests surrounding countries, or any country in the world, to assist in keeping the terrorists at bay.

Keep the hostiles at bay; do NOT let the capital be captured. There are going to be heavy attacks on industrial areas and urban areas, such as heavy populated countries and the capital (which shall be marked on the map). If possible, launch attacks on ESIT outposts.

The country serves as a major industrial country for surrounding countries and is a major source of oil for the world. The more factories and oil refineries captured, the weaker your forces become over time. Keep Esotopia's industry secure. Esotopian forces will help you alongside the defensive; they are the main forces that you will be depending on. Prevent the capital from being captured. As the game progresses, Esotopian forces will go stronger if you manage to keep the industry running. If the industry falls to ESIT hands, the Esotopian forces will grow weaker.

~44K+ men
-some 610 MiG/Su/Teen series aircraft (reports have seen MiG-25s, MiG-29s, F-16s, F-18s)
-some 450 armored vehicles (improvised armored jeeps, IFVs, suicide jeeps, SP artillery on halftracks etc.)
-some 160 tanks (reports have seen T-72s and few captured M1A1s)
-some 11 ships of sorts (Esotopia reports one captured Fletcher-class and two captured Brooke-class); an Udaloy-class under construction

~65K+ men
-some 730 MiG/teen series aircraft and helis (MiG-21, F-16, F-15, Su-25, Su-7, SH-2, AV-8B, UH-1 gunships, UH-1, CH-47)
-some 2,150 armored vehicles (halftracks and wheeled AAA)
-some 220 tanks (M-18 tank destroyers, T-72s, M1A1s)
-14 ships (all are licensed-built; 2 OHP-class, 1 Arleigh-Burke flight I, 3 ammo ships, 1 hospital ship, 3 Yamagumo-class, 1 Iwo Jima-class [acting as a carrier], 3 Farragut-class). The ships only sail in a single fleet and are maintained with below average standards; only one Yamagumo-class is well-maintained thanks to a good captain. The Iwo Jima-class is being updated.