Author Topic: A weakness for teamates.  (Read 104 times)


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A weakness for teamates.
« on: September 10, 2019, 09:37:27 AM »

Here’s a topic about feelings. It’s been a lot of posts made by me recently but... what made me do these is my weakness. I really get pissed whenever someone kills my teammates. It makes me so go far as to spawn kill someone because I get mad. It goes so far as to make me takeout my best plane and rofl stomp the entire enemy team. It’s something that is an unexpected weakness. And recently I realised I got atypical autism. However it was really atypical. It made me care more about others than myself, it made me sacrifice myself more than anyone else and forget to take care of myself. It made me notice tiny things but it also affected my ability to forgive someone. It was too easy and people easily took advantage of it. Then, I understood why I was so different from all the players in the game... does anyone really care? Not really...truth is that all people want is to dominate. But I wanted to make friends, talk and just be casual(of course, then my skills are so great that when I kill some people, things will happen. One, I kill a player and they all quit. Second, I keep killing and people start rage quitting). But I fail miserably because I was simply a coward who wasn’t scared of dying, but was scared that friends were dying. I usually thought I was the guardian. But I was the coward...the upsidown coward... the coward who hate to see teammates die, and that was why I worked hard on maneuvers