Author Topic: Back after 2 years, something about excessive farming and leaderboard scores  (Read 55 times)


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I used to play wod a lot until I started playing war thunder 2 years ago (only enduring confrontation, like realistic mode).

Returned here 2? Months ago.

I noticed:

The game is still great but.....

Lot of players that spent almost all their time at xp/score-farming, usually bomber spamming the battles.
Overrating of naval kills (naval kills were introduced later) which probably is also a cause.
Bomberpilots that become angry when they are attacked, because they have to farm....

A leaderboard that doesn’t tell anything anymore except maybe when you correct for naval kills or look at the air/ground kills divided by naval kills...which is very interesting really...real skills (air kills) are underrated. Suggestion: correction for naval kills in the leaderboard, no naval kill scores anymore maybe, air kills have to be rewarded with much more credits than ground kills (maybe 10x). Bomberkilling: extra reward.
Realistic mode kills have to be rewarded with more score-credits than historic and historic with more than arcade.
Or maybe 3 leaderboards: arcade, historic and realistic (some of us have suggested that on several occasions in the past)
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