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Free Discussions / What's next for Erusea?
« on: December 05, 2019, 11:17:59 AM »
By the end of the Lighthouse war, Erusea is completely destroyed, by Osea and the IUN, itself, and a bunch of breakaway nations seizing the breakdown of communications. This is assuming that most of Erusea's occupied territory wasn't invaded during the war (Examples being the Njord fleet being based hundreds of miles away from Erusea), and that there was some sort of Warsaw Pact equivalent that spanned most of Usea, with only a few parts of the continent still in the Osean sphere of infulence, like the FCU, Comona islands, North Point and the disputed Selatapura territory.

The lighthouse war presumably destroyed a massive section of the Erusean military, both through equipment and personnel physically being lost, and through desertion and the breakdown of the command structure. The Erusean military would most likely be left in a state similar to the ANA or Iraqi military, needing support from Osea/IUN-PKF to reorganise and remove radical influence from the party. The ODF now has two possible options going forward; fighting a continent-wide counter-insurgency against rogue states with advanced tech and quickly-developing governments, a fight which would take years, achieve little, and be extremely unpopular. Alternatively, they leave Usea to burn itself out in a devastating guerrilla war (This is probably what happens, considering corporations have taken over the role of governments by the 2040s.)

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