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Eagleflyer and I will be hosting perhaps the stupidest furball in history: A5Ms vs P-35s! 8v8 max, time TBA. Please only join if you know you're gonna do it, since too many times only two or three people show up to a full event...




Bug Report / Inverted camera swiping only works for the interior view
« on: December 25, 2017, 06:06:19 AM »
What kind of issue is it? (Graphical, gameplay, GUI, menu, marketing, etc,.): the camera settings revert to the default one when I enter third person view in realistic mode
Describe the issue in detail, including what you were doing when it occurred: I changed the camera settings to inverted (both pitch and yaw), but they were only inverted in the first person cockpit view
Does it occur multiple times? If so, detail how often: I assume every time
Can it be recreated? If so, explain: probably. just set pitch and yaw to inverted and then go int9 third person

Game version: latest
Device: iPad Air 1
Device OS and version: iOS 11.1.2

Off-Topics / Random alt history questions
« on: December 05, 2017, 03:47:53 AM »
No one I know can/wants to answer these questions, and since you guys (or girls or anything in between or beyond or whatever else) are probably more inclined to history than most, I will ask them here.

Question #1: How would the United States be different if the Mason-Dixon Line was a river with the size and width of the Mississippi River?

Question #2: What if during the Revolutionary War, the issue of slavery divided the North and South so much that the war turned out as the UK vs the Northerners vs the Southerners?

Question #3: What would the world look like if France didn't lose its North American empire in the aftermath of the Seven Years War?

Question #4: What if ABBA Britain didn't defeat Napoleon at Waterloo?

Question #5: What if the entirety of the Americas was flipped around (so California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Chile, and other places on the West Coast would become the East Coast, and New York, Florida, Virginia, Newfoundland, the Yucatan Peninsula, Brazil, and other places on the East Coast would be on the West Coast) and kept their actual geography, topography, climate, etc.? How would colonization have played out differently?

Answer whatever you like, or ask your own questions!

Royal Air Force / 804 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm
« on: November 10, 2017, 10:46:54 PM »
Welcome to the 804th NAS! This isn't one of those cancerous role-play squadrons, it's more like a place to organize events and hang out, and fly in formations like the good ol’ days. Some facts about this interesting squadron:

-It was the first unit to fly the F4F Wildcat/Martlet in combat, and also the first to get a kill in the Martlet (a Ju 88 was downed on Christmas Day, 1940).
-It flew a variety of aircraft throughout the war, including the Gloster Sea Gladiator, the Grumman Martlet, the Fairey Fulmar, the Hawker Sea Hurricane, and the Grumman Hellcat.
-It served in the Norway Campaign, the Defence of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic, Operation Torch, the Normandy Campaign, and the Southwestern Pacific Campaign in 1945.
-Its Hellcat Is provided escort for the torpedo bombers that sunk the Tirpitz in April of 1944.

As there are no skins for the Martlet or British Hellcat present yet, the main aircraft will be hurricanes and spitfires in BoB, plus Wildcats and Hellcats in Guadalcanal and New Guinea.

Squadron Leader Conn6M (CO)
Flight Lieutenant Arctrooper143 (XO)

Message me on discord (Conn6M#9683) for the server link. This whole thing is low-key, as long as you participate in the events and stuff it will be a good time.

Free Discussions / We need to talk about Guadalcanal.....
« on: October 10, 2017, 06:08:57 AM »
Ok, for as long as I can remember, Guadalcanal has been the least played on map. In recent months, with New Guinea getting updated and all, traffic has decreased on the other maps as well. However, the elephant in the room is, in my opinion, the fate of Guadalcanal. This is as much of an open question to the devs as it is my attempt to start a discussion: What will become of Guadalcanal? Will it get upgraded as the next New Guinea? Or will it suffer eternal damnation of being a Pearl Harbor clone without being at the top of the map list?

I at least think there could be some American carriers, as those American planes at Henderson Field had to come from somewhere...... What if there could be a game mode similar to New Guinea, but instead of having to capture all 4 bases, there's only one base to capture, Henderson Field? The Army planes would airstart if Henderson Field is neutral or enemy-held, and the Navy planes would start on their respective carriers. Just a thought!

Free Discussions / Midway event
« on: September 23, 2017, 02:35:11 AM »
I absolutely love doing Midway with the realistic planes, so why not have an event for it? Since it's Midway, carrier warfare is gonna be very important. I have set up 8v8, with 4 fighters and 4 bombers per team.

United States Navy forces:
F4F: Eagle Flyer, Kiowa40, __________, and __________
SBD: Conn6M, Hey Bro, Matt, and _________

Imperial Japanese Navy forces:
A6M2: French Samurai, Sneaky Fang, __________ and __________
B5N: FrostFang, Sanik, __________, and __________

Other things: don't use the premium A6M2, the damage models should all be the same. The Dauntlesses will use their best bomb load, and the Kates will use torpedoes. No bombs for the Wildcats nor the Zeros, and no rockets for the Wildcats. Just machine guns and cannons.

Respond and say what plane you'd want to fly! I'll be leading the Dauntlesses  ;)

Cheers b o I s


Off-Topics / Just guest things <3
« on: September 19, 2017, 04:29:49 AM »
Post your hilarious encounters or experiences with guests in game!!!

I love hurricane noobs that fly with their landing gear down <3<3<3

Free Discussions / What would you add?
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:35:30 PM »
If you could add (only) one map and (only) one plane to the game, what would they each be and why?
Please no "either x or y or z" answers, just one map and one plane, followed by your reasons for choosing those responses. Also, don't put anything that's confirmed already (normandy, stalingrad, P-51, Ki-84, etc.).

My map would be Norway 1943, and my plane would be the TBF Avenger. The Avenger would complement the Dauntless and Wildcat to form a nice triumverate of early-war to mid-war American carrier planes. Also, I'm tired of using the Hellcat as a torpedo bomber. As for Norway, I've gone over this in a post many months ago, so go look for that if you want some details. In short, it would be a nice way to change up the combat for the Germans, plus if there aren't British FAA aircraft in the game yet they could just have American planes launching from the carriers since that is also historically accurate (Operation Leader).

Let's hear some other ideas!

Off-Topics / Call of Duty WWII thoughts
« on: August 19, 2017, 03:53:15 AM »
I just wanted to give my opinions about the upcoming CoD and see what you guys thought. Remember that this stuff is my OPINION, it is not FACT. As much as you may agree or disagree with what I have written here, this is what I have to say about it. Let's begin..... (Kibbles if this gets out of control, you know what to do)

I know that there is a lot of salt from gamers about a multitude of aesthetic features, such as diversity of both race and gender, plus the omission of swastikas. I used to be more angry about this since since it basically compromised the historical accuracy that I wanted from such a promising game. However, I gave up caring about the gender/race/PC stuff since that's just how the gaming landscape has changed since 2006 (we'll get there). Also, I am not really happy about how the design team said that they were making the game as historically accurate as possible, and then throwing all accuracy out the window at the finish line. Specifically, I'm referring to the gun distribution; while this is a common trend in shooters currently, I absolutely despise it. Like I said earlier, I've accepted the fact that there will be much more diversity, but stick an M1 Garand in a German's hands at the beginning of the game and now I'm triggered. The company had the excuse that "there are photographs of soldiers with captured weapons," but in my opinion that doesn't give them the right to have a German soldier running around mowing down American GIs Rambo-style with a JAPANESE SUBMACHINE GUN in Gibraltar! I'm not making this up either, look up some gameplay. There are certain instances that would be acceptable, such as letting British soldiers spawn with a Thompson or letting a German spawn with a PPSh in certain instances, but it just hurts when the designers put "muh CoD customization" over realism and immersion.....

This leads me to my other major point: as much as this game is different from the ones that came before it, this still looks and feels like a re-skinned modern CoD to me. They took out the jetpacks and wall-running or whatever, and added some features like divisions and stuff, but that's kinda it. The kill-streak things look like copy-and-pastes with quick reskins. When would a single German soldier be able to call in a Fritz-X on a single soldier? Since when did the Germans get 4-engined bombers with ball-turrets that act like gunships? The customizations for the guns kinda ruin the immersion..... it's called GI (government issue) for a reason, not "build your own Captain America!"

When I said 2006 earlier, I was referring to Call of Duty 3. This is definitely my favorite Call of Duty game, I'd even go as far to say it's my favorite game period. CoD 3 did have some rough patches, such as a cheesy and repetitive campaign and the lack of the M1 Carbine despite almost every single US soldier having carbine pouches on their belts, but it was an original game that had unique gameplay elements that are seemingly exclusive to the game. The game's multiplayer featured pre-made classes (yummy) for each side, so you couldn't have Americans start off with MG34s and MP44s. You'd always have your primary weapon no matter what, plus a secondary that starts off as a pistol when you spawn each time, but can be swapped for weapons you might find on the ground from dead soldiers, enemy or friendly. Each class had a special ability or loadout; rifleman would get rifle grenades and smoke grenades, light assault and heavy assault (SMGs and automatic rifles, respectively) get landmines and some type of grenade (light would get sticky grenades, heavy assault would get regular grenades), medic can revive people and got smoke grenades, scout gets grenades and an artillery strike every so often, support (LMGs like the MG34 and M1919 .30 cal) gets ammo cans and grenades, and anti-armor (bazookas and panzershrecks) gets ammo cans and sticky grenades. This system has its problems, but remember that this was 2006. Anyway, my point is that the pre-set class system encourages squad gameplay instead of the lone-wolf action-movie approach that is inherent with the modern CoD games. Another feature of CoD 3 was the use of vehicles in multiplayer. Most maps would have 2-man motorcycles (one driving, one in the sidecar with their equipeed weapon), 3-man jeeps/cars (one driving, one sitting shotgun with their equipped weapon, and one in the back on a .50 cal MG), and 2-man tanks (one driving/operating the main gun and turret machine guns, one in the turret manning the .50 cal MG). This makes gameplay in CoD 3 all the more engaging and intense, because when you'd normally be able to mow down the entire team, now you have to worry about Panzer IVs and Shermans coming at you and your friends. It's also fun driving or riding in a full jeep with some buddies and doing aggressive reconaissance by the enemy spawn  ;D. This added some diversity to the gameplay options, and since this was before kill-streaks were a thing, anyone could use any vehicle no matter their rank or score. The newer Call of Duty games just feel the same, since all the maps are small and dense.

Basically, my problem with Call of Duty WWII is that it's too much about the Call of Duty part and not so much the WWII part. I guess this is just my problem with Call of Duty in general..... haha......

Sorry for the rant, but I was inspired to write this after seeing some youtube comment sections for CoD WWII gameplay videos. Stay civil people!

Free Discussions / New tutorials?
« on: August 15, 2017, 04:16:36 AM »
I know the devs have a lot on their plates right now, so I'll make this brief. I figured there could be a few more tutorials for new players, mostly focused on bombers.

One would be a tutorial on using the bombsight in level bombers like the B-26 and the He 111. This is a very useful skill, and since there's a tutorial on dive bombing, why not also have one for level bombing?

Another would be a bomber interceptor tutorial. While it is very rare to see bomber formations, let alone organized and competent ones, I think this would be a fun tutorial.

The last one I thought of would be formation flying. I understand that different people have different methods of going about formation flying, but I think it is a useful skill that would greatly benefit the community if more people knew how to do it right.

Lemme know what you think of these (or not)

Bug Report / Game resets on New Guinea
« on: July 12, 2017, 06:16:10 AM »
What kind of issue is it? (Graphical, gameplay, GUI, menu, marketing, etc,.): gameplay
Describe the issue in detail, including what you were doing when it occurred: I was flying in what would be my last flyout as a member of the 422nd (irrelevent I guess), and we found out the hard way that if enough people leave the game throughout the duration, the base captures will reset and everything will go back to the way it was before the game started.
Does it occur multiple times? If so, detail how often: It seems like some of the other people I was playing with were aware of it, so it probably has happened multiple times
Can it be recreated? If so, explain: I think it just takes a bunch of people leaving during a game

Game version: 3.0.0
Device: iPad Air 1
Device OS and version: iOS 10.3

Free Discussions / Who all plays airsoft?
« on: June 30, 2017, 07:10:17 AM »
I just wanted to know if anyone else plays airsoft on the forums. I've been doing it for almost a year and a half now, and it can be quite enjoyable. Anyone?

Free Discussions / New hope for French airplanes?
« on: May 13, 2017, 03:51:27 AM »
Since the British P-40C has a French skin, does that mean that there could in theory be French planes coming in the future? Perhaps it's just more skins of planes we already have or will get, but I think it would be sweet to have either a French nation section or just a French plane line in the British nation section. Whaddya guys think?

Bug Report / It's back........ spitfire mk 2 texture bug
« on: May 05, 2017, 09:57:51 PM »
What kind of issue is it? (Graphical, gameplay, GUI, menu, marketing, etc,.): graphical
Describe the issue in detail, including what you were doing when it occurred: the same thing that happened to the F6F3 is happening to the spitfire mk 2
Does it occur multiple times? If so, detail how often: every time you go to the garage
Can it be recreated? If so, explain: select the plane in the garage

Game version: 2.9.0
Device: iPad Air 1
Device OS and version: 10.2

(Can't post pictures still.......)

Free Discussions / 2.9.0 new stuff
« on: May 05, 2017, 05:38:08 PM »
Looks like the update rolled out!!!!!

Premium P-40 for allies (anyone got screenshots of the new skins?)

Apparently some planes can be purchased with xp now (which ones?)

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